“This book is full of information, which is straightforward, with plenty of eating options, and reasons why what you are currently doing might not be working for you, and why. The authors have clearly done their homework! They give a wide variety of meal examples, ideas for snacking, and include a TON of recipes!” — Amazon Reviewer

We were sick of being large and unhappy. Tired of being tired. Fed up with our lack of confidence. This weight gain had to stop. Mom had already received a worrisome report from her doctor.

We studied diets, nutrition reports, research studies, and listened to other dieter’s feedback. Next we compared notes and devised our own diet; one we thought might work for us.

And work it did! Following just a few simple guidelines we ate our fill of our favorite foods. We cut out a few others.

People noticed the change. They asked us to share the diet.

At first we shared recipes, but they wanted more. We answered private messages, personal emails, and the multitude of questions asked of us in public. When a few friends started losing weight the way we we’d shared, friends-of-friends began asking for our secrets.

That’s when we sat down and got to work writing out everything we had learned, the foods we ate, and the nutritional concepts we’d uncovered.

Price: $6.99 - $16.99
Author: Veronica Childs, NT and Laura Childs
Available Formats: Paperback or Kindle (read on your phone, iPad, Android tablet or home computer).
Print Length: 280
Publication Date: 01-05-2014
Language: English
Genre: Health & Weight Loss
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