“Best low carb hamburger bun recipe so far. And the donuts are amazing. Tried with chocolate glaze and maple glaze. Reminds me of the old fashioned cake donuts when I was a kid.” – BeezusT, Amazon Reviewer

Are you fed up with making ‘something like a bread dough’ out of hard to find, or annoying to prepare, ingredients? Tired of that boring old microwave muffin but don’t want to put questionable ingredients into your body? Don’t have the time to blanch, chop and strain expensive vegetables just to enjoy a slice of low carb pizza?

We were too!

As authors of The Low Carb High Fat Diet, our friends and readers consistently requested a better low carb bread than they could find in a grocery store.

The criteria, based on reader feedback, was for recipes that were:

  • Low carb versions of basic dietary staples – breads, crackers, wraps, pizza, muffins and a few sweeter treats.
  • Real food made with real ingredients – no fake sugars, no chemical additives, and fewer factory processing.
  • Low carb crackers fit for a party, and bread that the entire family would eat (so busy cooks could stick to their diet without having to prepare two separate meals every night).
  • Easy to find ingredients, preferably locally purchased, at low to moderate cost.
  • Fast preparation – so busy moms, singles and families could get out of the kitchen sooner.
  • Complete and verifiable nutritional data.
  • More baked, less microwaved, low carb recipes.
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Author: Laura Childs and Veronica Childs, NT
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Print Length: 78
Publication Date: December 23, 2014
Language: English
Genre: LCHF Recipes, Low Carb Recipes
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