Over 60 delicious low carb soups and entrees to please most palates while saving the home cook time and money. These are dishes that everyone can enjoy, including family members or guests who don’t watch their intake, count carbs or pay attention to daily macro-nutrients.

Each recipe provides a complete nutritional breakdown as well as a handy macro-nutrient pie chart for readers following a low carb high fat diet plan. See your macros at a glance and instantly know what else to put on the table to round out your meal.

Within this collection you’ll also find recipes for standard slow cooker accompaniments – savory muffins, a deliciously crunchy cracker, mock mashed potatoes and more. If you’re new to a low carb diet you’ll also find favorite healthy food hacks to replace pasta and rice!

Price: $4.99
Author: Laura Childs and Veronica Childs, NT
Available Formats: Kindle
Print Length: 180 pages
Publication Date: September 15, 2015
Language: English
Genre: LCHF Recipes, Low Carb Recipes
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