“Amazing recipes that don’t have crazy ingredients! It is totally doable to eat healthy with this cookbook!” – Jenny Hudder, Amazon Review

This is your newest summer book. Practical. Delicious. Health-focused.

Recipes for cooling summer drinks, delightful summer soups, crunchy salads, and a pile of dressings, dips and condiments so you can keep your body humming on ketosis while enjoying a wide variety of foods.

“There are enough recipes in this book to last me the entire summer. I can try something new every day and never get bored.” (Trust me, there are many you will want to repeat!)

  • 25 beverages / cocktails
  • 11 summer soups
  • 13 salads
  • 9 salad dressings
  • 3 relishes
  • 17 marinades
  • 10 spice rubs
  • 8 finishing sauces
  • 21 condiments and dips
  • 2 butters
  • 5 creamy treats
  • 2 frozen desserts
  • 3 specialty desserts
  • 7 dips for fresh or grilled fruit
  • …plus our favorite dessert crepe recipe
Price: $5.25
Author: Veronica Childs, NT and Laura Childs with a Foreword by Adrienne Hew aka "The Nutrition Heretic"
Available Formats: Kindle
Print Length: 270
Publication Date: July 13, 2015
Language: English
Genre: Low Carb Recipes
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