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Low Carb Slow Cooker

The photos below are (or will be) reader submitted photos having used the recipes in "Slow & Low: Low Carb Meals from Your Slow Cooker" by Veronica Childs, NT and Laura Childs (2015). To submit your own photo(s) using one of the 60+ recipes in the book, click here. (Apologies! Our server was hacked and a number of our photos have been lost. We are currently working on restoring Continue Reading...

Weight Loss Photos

Weight Loss Success Stories
Co-author Veronica Childs' before and after photos. Weight loss results of following this Low Carb High Fat diet. Co-Author Laura Childs Weight Loss following this Low Carb High Fat diet. Mom's celebration of a 50 pound weight loss at 50 years of age. Mother and daughter eating a low carb high fat diet. Veronica Childs just 10 weeks after starting her Low Carb High Fat diet. Continue Reading...