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Foods To Support Thyroid Function

It has been stated that an estimated 27 million Americans have thyroid malfunction or disease; over half are said to be undiagnosed. Thyroid malfunction or disease affects almost every aspect of health. Taking care of this gland through good nutrition is proactive. Superfoods - proven by research to maintain a healthy thyroid - are listed below. Coconut oil and coconut butter has been used Continue Reading...

Eat Fat

Eat Fat: It's Good For You!
This article is for people who don't believe that dietary fats can help you lose weight. You're not alone in your belief, I was the same. This business of eating fat to lose weight was hard to believe after years of being told to stay away from fat. When I switched to a low carb high fat diet I needed to pour over a few dozen research studies to believe it. I knew that in order to lose weight, Continue Reading...