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    Cancer is such a broad term and the management or cure of any of the 100+ types of cancer varies across each type. Are researchers, scientists and doctors examining the effect of a ketogenic diet on cancer patients, cells and tumors? Yes, they are!

    Before I go on I need to be absolutely clear. My personal interest in a Low Carb High Fat (aka Ketogenic) diet was initially for weight loss. Lately that has changed to sustainable nutrition. Adapting my diet to ensure I can continue to eat this way healthfully; not just to stay slim but to nurture my organs, cells, and systems.

    Healing a condition or illness through diet is a completely different specialty; a topic that I cannot consult with you on ethically. I do have an interest in this aspect of the diet for personal reasons however and I have found many good sources in my own quest for knowledge on Keto and Cancer.

    A few great books exist. The first is expensive and scholarly; Cancer As A Metabolic Disease by Dr. Seyfried.

    Less difficult for the layperson to read is Travis Christofferson’s “Tripping Over The Truth”. It provides the diet’s background, human nutrition history, and will make you more comfortable with your dietary choices during and after cancer treatments. I truly enjoyed the book but it still may not be enough for everyone.

    What you might find more helpful (If theory, science, and research aren’t an immediate need, but actionable nutrition is), is anything put out by Patricia Daly. Patricia has a unique blend of training and personal experience with cancer; an experience that drives her to help as many people as she possibly can. She does have a consultation practice but she has also poured hours into books containing immediately actionable meal plans and recipes. There is always a great intro to insure you have enough knowledge to empower you on your journey. Patricia’s credentials, meal plans, videos, books and contact information is available on her website at (Mom has read Patricia’s newest book Practical Keto Meal Plans For Cancer and she says it is a work of genius.)

    I hope this post provides enough direction on your quest to learn more. While I do suggest other doctors’, nutritionists’ and authors’ works to you, don’t let that stop you from asking us a question here, suggesting one of your own resources, or leaving a reply below. We are honored you are here and would love to know more about you!

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