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    Lisa Banik

    Hi, I’ve been following this diet for that last 2 weeks and have lost 10lbs so far!! I’m so happy about that. I have endometriosis which has gotten a bit more painful since starting. Does anyone else here have experience with ketosis and endometriosis? The last 4 days I have not lost any weight and I started my period early, more like spotting for a few days and now nothing. I’m getting cramps in my lower tummy which is very unlike me. Do you think its my body just getting used to the change? Just thought I would ask. I don’t want to give up on this diet as it is obviously working. I just hope it all settles out and I can get back to losing more weight. The first 10 was very exciting as I feel I’ve tried everything in the past to lose weight without success. I love this diet!

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    How great that you’ve asked the community for their experience with Endometriosis. While we wait for others to chime in with their experience on a Ketogenic diet and Endometriosis, I will do a little research.

    Great job on the weight loss so far, Lisa! Small stalls are common in the beginning, you should find that the scale moves again after the monthly hormones settle.

    The cramps may be due to your period, constipation, and/or dehydration. Please be sure that you’re getting enough water as well as home made bone broth into your system.

    I will post here later if I discover any good research on endo and keto.

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    Lisa Banik

    Thank you for getting back to me. I drink three 750ml bottles a day. Do you think I should drink more? Luckily my husband makes great bone broth so I always have that on the go. I’m not the biggest fan of the taste of bone broth, but I will try harder.

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    Don’t drink more water if you’re not thirsty – especially if your urine is a very light color. We are drinking too much water when we run clear, yet in the process we lose valuable nutrients (electrolytes).

    I hear you on not liking bone broth much. It is an acquired taste if you weren’t raised with it. Try adding your favorite spice or herb to the broth. I am fond of pungent and hot spices so I add ginger some days, red hot pepper flakes on others. Plus, herbs and spices are nature’s medicine.

    As for endometriosis, unfortunately I don’t fully understand the condition and ethically can’t comment or offer much advice. I checked in with a few friends (2 with endo, one with PCOS) that are eating LCHF – because I can at least share from another’s experience – but no definitive ‘answer’ came as a result of my conversations.

    Next, I poked around online searching “keto and endometriosis” — and when I add up all the comments, snippets of advice from my friends, and hormones that I don’t fully understand, the only recurring suggestion is to “cut back on red meat”.

    My question is…what does “cutting back” equate to? It is different for everyone (as we’re all eating different amounts). So as a nutritional therapist, I’d first look at your current intake (how much of your protein is actually red meat) and then, perhaps more importantly, what is the source of that red meat?

    On the grand scale, this all begs one question to be answered: “Do the people who mention red meat really mean any type of animal protein?”

    This is going to be a long, drawn out, thought process so bear with me here…

    In your case I’d look first at your foods for hormone disruptors (endocrine disruptors).
    One of my favorite doctors talks about these disruptors on his website

    Commercially available milk and cream are laden with hormones (hormones given to dairy cattle to make them over-produce). This might be something to consider as the standard Low Carb High Fat Diet relies heavily on the fat from dairy. All is not lost though – there are alternatives to dairy.

    But back to meat (protein). I’m unsure about commercial beef and depending on where you’re located, I’m also unsure about poultry. Personally I do my best to only eat pasture-raised (grass-fed) beef or poultry from the farmer’s market (where they promise free from antibiotics). As we see on Dr. Axe’s article above, animals raised with antibiotics are known endocrine disruptors. Even commercially raised eggs aren’t safe from the overuse of antibiotics according to Dr. Axe.


    Even if the beef and poultry are not given hormones or antibiotics, what those animals eat could affect our hormones. If they’ve been fed GMO corn and soy (which happens more often than most people know), you’re going to feel it. It may take a month or two or 12, but eventually consuming muscles of animals that are fed GMOs catch up with ALL of us. (Without a lot of research into this, I have to assume that GMO soy is the worst offender as soy is an estrogen mimicker.)

    …eggs too…

    I’m going to leave these thoughts with you for now. I’m happy to keep exploring the foods on your table if you want to talk about it more. Tell me about the eggs, poultry, beef you’re eating – where do they come from and how much of each are you currently eating? And tell me where you live so we can figure out what local farmers are allowed to feed their livestock. We can look at other types of protein, or better sources of protein for you.

    And some dairy replacements so you keep getting healthy fats in your diet.

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    Lisa Banik

    I’m with you on the hormones, GM etc. in meat and eggs. For the last 2 years we have only eaten only organic foods and vegetables; pasture raised meat and organic, biodynamic eggs. My only dairy has been organic raw milk kefir, butter and full fat cream. I have since stopped drinking milk though. It has made a huge difference with my ‘endo’ and had almost forgotten about it untill last week. Oh and definitely NO soy…yuk.

    I did see a youtube video with a young lady talking about keto and endo and her journey. She said it disrupted her periods at first, but then they settled. I guess that with the change from sugar to fat to fuel my body I should expect a few changes before everything rights itself. I just paniced as I hadn’t had endo pain for quite some time. Its all gone again now, but still on the lightest period known to mankind. No complaints on that! I can cope with that! 🙂

    Will see how it goes and not panic about it anymore.

    I have seen the same sites talking about red meat as a factor, I need to investigate a bit more into that one. I did at one time consider an auto-immune diet, but from the looks of it, I might as well stop eating altogether! I’m certain I just need to give LCHF more time as I saw in the YouTube video.

    Thank you for your help! 🙂

    Going to try your tip on adding spice to the broth, ginger and chili sound like a great starting point – Thanks

    Glad I don’t need to drink anymore water. I have one bottle with a dash of ACV (apple cider vinegar) in it, one bottle with a dash of sole (pronounced solay – an unrefined sea salt infused water with lots of minerals, electrolytes etc) and one plain. So hoping I’ve got that all covered.

    I live in the UK and have been shouting about your book from the hill tops! Thank you soo much for all your advice and for writing your book, it was just want I needed!

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    You’re such a blessing! So many people just wanting a quick fix and not doing ANY research on their own. You re-inspire me in your effort to find the answers that you need. I am happy to work through those ideas with you!

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