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    For decades we have been told to cut fats out of our diets to stay healthy and fit, or to lose weight – but it has been to the detriment of our health!

    While we agree that there are many unhealthy fat sources, cutting back on every fat or oil is a health-robber. Our bodies need fat for digestion, for skin health, for energy (yes!), and much more.

    The No Fat Diet Trial

    In past efforts to lose weight I tried a greens and chicken breast diet for a few weeks (about 5 years ago). Leafy greens with lemon or balsamic vinegar and boiled or broiled chicken breast with nothing added but basic herbs or more balsamic vinegar. If my memory serves me correctly the diet allowed for eggs (whites only), with no butter or oil added to the pan.

    Did I lose weight? Yes, about 8 pounds in 3 weeks, but I felt horrible, bored, lethargic, and slightly depressed. My skin and hair looked dull and I had trouble sleeping at night.

    Other Reasons No Fat Diets Don’t Work

    Apart from robbing your body of one of the three main macro-nutrients it needs to function, the low fat craze has caused a serious disruption in our food supply – namely packaged foods. Our fear of fat has created far too many systems for making wholesome foods unhealthy and a reliance on packaged or factory made foods (crackers, breads, spreads, cheeses).

    An easy example of this can be seen in the “low-fat milk is better for you” theory, but when we remove fat from milk what is left behind is natural sugar (lactose). Very little (1% or 2%) of the healthy, life-giving benefits are extracted along with the dairy fat! Vitamins A, D, E, and K, plus essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic) are contained within the fat molecules. The dairy industry knows this, which is why we see ‘fortified’ labels on our milk (they take the fat out, then add extra ingredients back in). So I ask you – what exactly are you drinking when you sit down to a glass of milk? Fortified and cloudy sugar water?

    Healthy Fats

    Dietary fats are a complex topic and every one of our bodies will have specific requirements and tolerances to different types of dietary fat. What is important to note that fats – in balance and harmony with other foods you consume – do not make our bodies fat or lethargic. Our bodies can, and will, and are generally happier to, run on fats (which our liver converts to ketones for energy).

    For weight loss, include more healthy fats in your diet.

    For ultimate health learn about the various types of fat and find the right balance for your body.

    The basic rules of a healthy low carb high fat diet are to consume clean fats (unprocessed and from organic sources).

    I eat dairy (butter, cream, cheeses), animal fats (fatty meats – chops, bacon, fish and poultry; plus whole eggs), coconut oil, and olive oil. Your animal fats should come from pastured animals whenever possible. Oils should be virgin or extra virgin. Note that while coconut oil is classified as a saturated fat it differs in composition to other saturated fats (it is a short chain fatty acid).

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