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    Olivia Turner

    Would some one Please tell me how to get started on LCHFD? Do not know what or how to eat. Would appreciate some help.

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    Laura Childs

    Hi Olivia!

    I would suggest some research (either online or pick up one of the books on the topic). The core concept is keeping carbs low and increasing your fat intake but you’ll need a strong understanding of carbohydrates and only eat the healthiest fats.

    There is a healthy balance – a ratio of the 3 macro-nutrients – that you’ll want to aim for in your daily diet to achieve the body’s state of ketosis. Ketosis is the point where your body stops using sugars (carbohydrates) for fuel, and turns to fat for fuel (including stored fat).

    I’m not sure what specific information to give you as I do not know your age, how much weight you want to lose, if you’re looking for LCHF diet info for other health reasons, how strong your understanding of nutrition and diet is, your stress level, if you’ve dieted before (and potentially slowed your metabolism), etc., etc.

    I love the internet because it allows us to reach out and gain information quickly, but it can be rather impersonal (unlike the training in a book or consultation) and not always suitable for every reader.

    If you’re looking for an intro book on the Low Carb High Fat Diet that includes 70+ recipes – we have some happy readers, great reviews, and weight loss success stories. If you’d like a more scientific approach, the book from Jimmy Moore titled Keto-Clarity is fantastic.

    Hope that helps get you started!


    p.s. Veronica Childs (co-author of the book and owner of this website) also offers consultations by SKYPE or phone that includes customized meal plans and shopping lists. She is a certified Nutritional Therapist and has lost over 50 pounds on the diet she created based on LCHF principles.

    Do let me know if I can help you further!

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