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    Michael Forsythe

    Thought I’d ask. When I started this diet I didn’t feel like exercising at all but now that I’m feeling more energetic and less self-conscious I’m wondering if anyone else has added exercise to the LCHF diet and your thoughts.

    I’m not sure if I should join a gym – cardio – weights – or where to start. I’m 24 YO.

    Thanks for your input and ideas.

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    Laura Childs

    I’m also at the point Michael where it is time to start working out. At 51 years old, I’m trying to figure out what that ‘means’ you know? I want to stick to simple exercises that can be done anywhere with no equipment with only a small time investment. I also want it to have the most impact on my tone. I don’t want to bulk, just tone. I also want to be gentle with myself, gotta be careful with them bones!

    I just started walking every night. Only about 30-40 minutes but it is a start. I know in a month I’ll be bored and my body will be ready for something more. Maybe Yoga?

    Would love to hear if anyone knows of a good beginner’s yoga DVD or training they’d recommend.


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    Michael Forsythe

    I had started going to the gym in September and I was going 4-5 times a week but for the last month I’ve been getting extra hours at work so I’m barely going once or twice a week now.

    I started with just cardio because I was in such a bad place. I could barely last 15 min on the elliptical. Now I can run for 7 miles on the elliptical and I’ve been doing more and more weight training. I definitely see a difference in my muscles. I’m lifting more than double the weight I was lifting 3 months ago. Next I want to start doing some simpler things at home like planks, push ups, sit ups, side planks etc. I just find myself unmotivated unless I physically go to the gym.

    So, yes, I agree with you. Start slow. Sorry I don’t know much about yoga…

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    Michael Forsythe

    One of my goals is to start doing a morning run by summer. So I need to start training my body to get into the right habits now. I know once I get started I can stick to it. It’s just that first push to get started that’s the hardest. I’m on reading week now so there’s no better time for me. That’s going to be my goal this week. To get into the habit of exercising every day. I’ll post back here on how it goes!

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