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    Do you have questions about macro-nutrients? Feel free to ask them below or start a new topic. Understanding macro-nutrients is important in any diet, not just ours. It is important to your overall health and longevity.

    The term “macro-nutrient” is the simple classification of any food. Macros are the fat, carbohydrate and protein values of a food, a plate, or a day’s food supply. Some diets are carbohydrate focused (simple sugars, grains, vegetables) and rely on small portions (very low in calories) to help you lose weight. Other diets focus on protein (slowly digesting meat, nuts, some grains and legumes) and require exercise to assist in weight loss.

    Our diet helps reset the scales by relying on a larger quantity of healthy fats. Doing so helps repair the damage most of us have done to our bodies through years of high carb (simple grains and sugars) diets. Doing so helps our bodies to remember that we can burn fat for energy, not just sugar.

    When you are aware of your macro-nutrient intake, you can control the functions of your body and find the perfect balance – not just for weight, but for your overall health.

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