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    I have been doing LCHF for two weeks and this time I’m doing it slightly different. In the past when I have done it I have predominantly followed Atkins and never really managed to get past the induction phase.

    This time however, I have taken a slightly different approach and am having more whole foods- meaning not only bacon and eggs etc.

    On average this is what I have everyday…

    1 coffee with full cream milk in the morning on the way to work (I don’t have breakfast, never have and I’m OK with that)

    Lunch: a medium container of salad (kale, baby spinach, coriander, parsley, spring onion) dressed with about 1tbs of apple cider vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil, I don’t measure the olive oil but it’s not on the skimpy side, nor is my salad saturated with oil. I also have about 100g (3 oz) of some type of protein, either, poached, baked on on the BBQ.

    Dinner: Pretty much the same thing, salad/steamed veggies dressed with olive oil and some kind of protein.

    I have plenty of water throughout the day and other than that 1 coffee in the morning I don’t drink anything else.

    If I’m still hungry or just want something to have to change up the taste a bit, I may have 1 flat tsp of a peanut butter which only has coconut oil and peanuts (no added sugar,salt etc) or a couple of teaspoons (heaped) of coconut yoghurt (again no added sugar)

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my results so far, (have manged to lose 11 ponds) but I understand that it’s the first couple of weeks and my body has lost water weight. I want to make sure that if I continue like this, I’m continuing on the right path.

    I’m worried that I may be having too many carbs. I’m not very good with measuring things, when I make my salad I usually make a big bowl of it and portion it out for the upcoming week and only dress it on the day. It’s all done by eye.

    To all those out there who have done this for a while and are experts- does this sound sort of OK regarding what I am doing?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Pickles – if you have a cell phone I would suggest downloading an app to track your intake for a week or so. MyFitnessPal is one that we use and it is free.

    The easy answer is that your ‘plan’ sounds good, but if you don’t really know how many carbs you’re consuming, how much fat, and how much protein, it becomes very difficult to balance those macros (or for that matter tweak them to find your optimum balance).

    Eleven pounds in one week is great – and it may or may not be all water weight depending on how much you have to lose. The goal is to get your body into a state of ketosis (fat-burning instead of glucose-burning) – you’ll just be switching over to a different metabolic process which is quite natural. Therein lies the beauty of Low Carb High Fat. The low carb ratio decreases our body’s dependence on insulin whereas the high fat ratio re-trains our bodies to run on fat. Then, once you’re running on fat, your body starts to look for fat to burn (even stored fat). Of course I’m simplifying it here for brevity.

    My last bit of advice is once you’re in ketosis, try not to rely too heavily on portion size. Let your body guide you while you mind your macros.

    Hope that helps!

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