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    If you’ve read our book you already know that my mother’s doctor warned her that she was showing signs of Insulin Resistance and that Metabolic Syndrome and/or Type 2 Diabetes would be sure to follow if she didn’t lose weight and/or figure out what was wrong with her diet.

    That was last year! Today, my 51 year old mother has lost 56 pounds without adding any exercise into her day, simply by eating more good fats and fewer carbohydrates. She loves to state “50 pounds lost at 50 years old” – but in truth she one-upped herself and is still feeling great today.

    If you’ve had a similar diagnosis from your medical professional – even if you secretly feel that ‘something is up’ with your body, we would counsel you to get on a LCHF diet! I think you’ll love it. (I never heard Mom complain once about the diet and you know everyone loves to complain about their diet, and restrictions, and hunger.)

    To be honest we were both uncertain whether we’d be able to live without white or whole wheat bread, pasta, potatoes or sugar. It really isn’t as hard as we thought! We learned to make low carb breads, crackers and pizza. We found pasta and potato alternatives. Sugar? Well once you’ve kicked it out of your diet you’ll see how it really is more of an addiction than a ‘treat’.

    At any rate we are here to help you and will be posting some facts and research on how the LCHF diet helps with blood sugar, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome soon. In the meantime, feel free to ask any specific question below.

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