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    The basic concept and theories behind ketogenic and low carb high fat diets. Includes our 10-step “Quick Start” method.

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    LeeAnne Smith

    Hi Veronica,
    I have chatted with you I think before with regards to weight loss and your book. I just wondered if you had any tips with starting again from scratch? Now that I am done stressing over exams for a few weeks I really want to lose some pounds!

    I struggle getting excersise in as I work early and am on my feet all day.

    Anyways just thought id give ya a shout and see if you had any suggestions? I do love milk, I drink 1%. I know dairy fat isn’t good any suggestions here? Thanks so much!!

    Look forward to your reply, LeeAnne

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    How are you Leeanne? Great to hear from you!

    Mom and I have collectively lost 116 pounds together. We didn’t and don’t exercise.

    The thought of skim milk makes my stomach hurt. Not sure why anyone would want to drink that stuff. Yuk. We actually don’t drink milk but we do have cream in our coffee in the morning, lots of cheese, no yogurt (because we can’t often find it without a load of sugar added), and only homemade ice cream sweetened with fresh berries.

    We stay away from packaged foods as I’m relatively adamant that the chemicals and bad fats completely mess with our hormones and make us gain weight (plus a pile of other diseases) no matter how hard we try to lose it.

    This is all diet. Weight loss in general is about 90% diet, 10% exercise – so we could have lost more quicker if we’d added in that extra 10%.

    The main culprit in almost every person’s food is sugar, or foods that convert to sugar. That’s why we drink cream…milk is actually very high in sugar. Before you think I’ve fallen off my rocker, look at the nutrition labels on the milk and compare it to cream.

    Fats don’t make us fat – they actually help our bodies burn fat, but we have to do it in the right way. We have to retrain our bodies to stop running off glucose (wheat, rice, potato, sugar).

    Let’s keep talking and get you started!

    Veronica Childs

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    LeeAnne Smith

    I believe you!

    Makes total sense but are those rice milks or anything like that okay for you??? I dont think its possible for me to cut milk totally. Chocolate milk is just as bad I’m assuming, if not worse! And along with trying to rid of the other sugars and starch/carbs ahhh lol okay. So this being said I want to try to start slowly into this as budget is a huge factor too. Foods are pricey here (I’m in a remote area) and prices are nuts!

    I dont have a cheap grocery store nearby. Anyways I just wanted to be in contact with you and get some ideas rolling, and ease my way back to a healthier lifestyle.

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    I honestly don’t think this way of eating is any more expensive than our old way of eating. In fact, I think it is cheaper!

    Processed and packaged foods are a lot more expensive than people pay attention to because we think we need them in our diet. Bread, crackers, chips, noodles – none of them are really cheap especially when we consider that they are not – in actuality – feeding us anything, they’re just filling the hole.

    In many cases, they’re also causing more than just weight gain, they’re causing disease. Setting us up for more troubles in the future. I just spent 20 hours in cancer documentaries – over 11 medical doctors, each one of them saying in one way or another that cancer selectively eats sugars. And since our exposure to toxins is so high in this day and age, we almost can’t escape cancer. It is estimated that within the next decade 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer.

    On a personal level – if that isn’t me, or mom then it will be a best friend – that’s 3. And that’s a very scary thought.

    Anyway – back to weight loss – yes, you have got to get off the sugar or anything that turns to sugar in the body. Learn your foods, know the carbohydrate values of everything you eat. And increase your healthy fats. No hydrogenated, or partially hydrogenated, fats.

    If you eat salad – check your salad dressing. If you eat bread – check the label. If you buy a frozen pizza – look at the carbohydrates. All carbs convert to sugar in the gut and bloodstream.

    Back to cost – a bag of noodles cost about $2-3 and feeds 6 maybe? A bunch of broccoli (even a frozen bag) is about the same. The difference is, the broccoli provides nutrients and vitamins, the pasta does not. The pasta just gets converted to sugars, some is used for energy but most will be stored as fat cells.

    A whole chicken feeds 6, makes soup for lunches, and costs about $15. About the same price and portions as two frozen pizzas.

    A pound of ground beef costs about $4 and makes 2 huge meals of meatballs. About the same price as a box of peorogies.

    Yes, we do eat organic but not all things and not always. We choose organic mostly for health and to avoid hormone disruptors. That may be something you want to look at later, but right now, to lose a few pounds on a budget, it is may be better to consider “types of food” than (like us) being so picking about organic quality. Just to get started. Just to keep costs low.

    I would say buy any leafy green as organic. The cello boxes of salad greens are a dollar more than the regular stuff and so worth it!

    Only butter, never margarine. No ketchup, or make your own. Better to make a salad dressing than to buy one.

    How else can I help you?

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