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Hosting or Attending A Holiday Party While Dieting

I have a few more low carb dieting strategies to get you through the holidays today! We’re going to talk about two different scenarios in this article; hosting vs. attending social functions.

Hosting holiday events such as Christmas parties, New Years’ events, or Thanksgiving can be a lot of work, but it does provide an advantage in terms of managing your diet. This is far easier to do with a Low Carb High Fat diet than any other, at any time of the year! While you’d never invite your friends over for a festive gathering and serve them low calorie or low fat foods (“More dry salad and poached chicken breasts anyone?”), the Low Carb High Fat diet is perfect for entertaining! Bacon, shrimp, creamy dips, cheeses, and nuts in abundance will have your guests asking “How can you eat like this and still lose weight?”

Soon you’ll be an ambassador for the real food, Low Carb High Fat diet too!

You may like to add a few of your least favorite (high carb) foods to the holiday buffet though. That’s fine as long as you’re not overdoing it yourself during the baking or cooking phase. With a little planning, when it is time to serve the meal, you’ll have plenty of foods to eat yourself and won’t even be tempted by the high glycemic foods you opted to include for your guests’ comfort and enjoyment.

Another option is to use this meal to introduce your friends and family to your version of traditional foods. As an example, everyone loves our Mock Mashed Potatoes, Faux Mac & Cheese,  and artisan crackers. Once your guests taste these delights they may be asking for the recipe – whether they know these are your secret weapon to weight loss or not!

As for the holiday events you aren’t hosting but are attending as a guest, don’t worry. There are plenty of healthy LCHF options at most buffets and home parties.

If you are uncertain, consider attending more for the social aspect than the food and have a small meal before you leave home. This takes a significant edge off your appetite and you will be less likely to indulge in the wrong foods once you arrive at your hosts’ door.

Another strategy to employ is to bring a low carb or low carb high fat dish with you. As long as you don’t tell anyone “this is diet food,” they aren’t likely to notice! Do bacon-wrapped sausages need an introduction? No. What about a nut and cheese tray? No, not that either! If you don’t want to bring an appetizer you can quickly bake up zucchini lasagna, party meatballs, or almond encrusted chicken skewers. Truly the possibilities are endless!

Once you’re at the event or party, carry on drinking plenty of water while you socialize and catch up with guests.

Last but not least – attend with a friend! Last year (my first Christmas on a LCHF diet) I spent much of my time with my mom as we were dieting together. If she wasn’t reminding me “that’s not low carb high fat”, then I was reminding her! It really helps to have a weight loss buddy! Support one another by standing away from the food table, leave early if the temptation is too great, or take a brisk walk throughout the evening (you just need to tell your host you’re slipping out for some fresh air).

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Veronica Childs started losing weight in January of 2014 after discovering and adapting the Low Carb High Fat diet to suit her tastes and budget. Within months she lost the dreaded "Freshman 50" and reached her weight loss goal. With a keen interest in healthy diets and nutrition, Veronica is now certified as a Nutritional Therapist. She continues to eat LCHF, has co-authored four books on the topic, and offers one-on-one consultations by appointment only.

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