Thank you for purchasing a copy of “Slow & Low: Low Carb Slow Cooker Recipes”. This was the first book Mom & I have produced without providing photos for 95% of the recipes. While the book included over 30 color photos, there are many without and we hope this pages takes the sting out of what some might feel are ‘missing pictures’.

Why We Published “Slow & Low” The Way We Did

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Why We Published “Slow & Low” The Way We Did

Slow & Low was our fourth book in the Ketogenic series (Low Carb and Low Carb High Fat). The first three books contained so many photos that our download fees from Amazon’s Kindle made publishing books an exercise in bankruptcy. Amazon charges authors fees based on a book’s file size. They also demand that any photos included in the books be high-resolution and large format (namely for readers that use desktop computers or large tablets). For this reason we only included photos that we thought were absolutely necessary – so you could see how the dish would look when plated – and set this page up for our community of low carbers.