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Heathy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipes

partially hydrogenated oils
Making homemade Mayonnaise is actually quite simple. Making your own means you can control the ingredients that you're putting into your body. You can avoid the partially hydrogenated oils the FDA admitted were unsafe for human consumption, and it tastes great! Basic Mayo  Ingredients: 2 organic, free range eggs 2 Tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar ½ Teaspoon organic Continue Reading...

Healthy Oils and Smoke Points

Q: "What happens to an oil when we add heat for cooking?" A: Oxidation and a loss of nutrients. This does not mean you shouldn't cook with your oils, but it does suggest to do so mindfully. All natural oils go through an oxidation process over time and through exposure to inappropriate light, air, and temperature. It's important to know that well-stored, fresh oils can be detrimental Continue Reading...

The Truth About PHOs Finally Spoken

It is official. The truth about PHOs (partially hydrogenated oils) is out. PHOs damage health and cause chronic disease. For years the FDA and other governing bodies have told us to steer clear of trans fats and mandated that packaged foods be clearly labelled when they do contain trans fats (hydrogenated oils). And so, factories reformulated their foods and maintained a similar shelf life Continue Reading...