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The Truth About PHOs Finally Spoken

It is official. The truth about PHOs (partially hydrogenated oils) is out. PHOs damage health and cause chronic disease.

For years the FDA and other governing bodies have told us to steer clear of trans fats and mandated that packaged foods be clearly labelled when they do contain trans fats (hydrogenated oils).

And so, factories reformulated their foods and maintained a similar shelf life of their existing products through the creation of partially hydrogenated oils, PHOs.

PHOs, government officials have told us, are safe.

Smart nutritionists and dieticians knew better, but not enough people listened.

Until now.

Yesterday the FDA published an official press release stating that in the interest of public health they have taken PHOs off the generally regarded as safe food list. Why? It is their job to help prevent “chronic health problems, such as cardiovascular disease…”

Unfortunately they haven’t been taking their job seriously enough in the last twenty years because 60% of us have been gobbling up margarine, and salad dressings, and canola-laden mayonnaise under the guise of “better health”, “no trans fats”, and “made with vegetable oil”, while becoming more obese and having more heart problems as a result!

I’m not going to dance in this article. You’re going to hear it straight up and without social grace. I’ve got work to do and so do you.

Three items are on my agenda in this article, so here goes:

  1. If you want to live a long and healthy life, do not buy foods with an unnatural shelf life.
  2. If a diet guru or gym trainer has ever told you to switch to canola oil or a lightened version of food(stuff), or that you’re perfectly safe eating foods that are labelled “trans fat free”, run. (You might even wonder if they are trying to kill you.
  3. If a dietician or nutritional therapist or any trainer has told you that you must shop the outer aisles of the grocery store, or only eat natural fresh foods, thank them. They’re not being obsessive. They’re being cautious with your health. They care about you. And finally, the FDA agrees.

If you don’t know which foods include PHOs, let me clarify.

Nearly everything that has more than two ingredients in the box, container, plastic wrapping, glass jar, foil package, or tetra pak. If you flip it over and see more than two ingredients, look for PHOs and then ask yourself this: “Is this worth dying over?”

Specifically, margarine. Breads. All of them. Mayonnaise. Salad dressings. Canned pasta sauces. Many soups. Peanut butter. Cake mixes. Even instant mashed potatoes. Greek yogurt dip. Even my little glass jar of marinated artichoke hearts! Those are just some of the old foods I found in our cupboard. I should really get you to a grocery store to find the rest.

Here’s what I want you to look for on every label. Oil. That’s it, that’s all you have to look for. Find oil, put it back on the shelf. Unless it says “virgin” oil – which is unlikely because virgin oils don’t have much of a shelf life.

There’s no way to stabilize a vegetable oil for the shelf (or the cold section) without hydrogenation. Ten years ago we discovered that hydrogenated oils create trans fats. Which we know kills us slowly. So what did we do? We only partially hydrogenated the oils and every one, every where said “oh, it’s safe now” and we all went back to eating…

The health conscious said “no”. And 10 years later the FDA agrees (I’m not 100% certain of the number of years). Partially hydrogenated oils cause the same diseases as the trans fat creating fully hydrogenated oils. Thank you all for trusting us and by being our guinea pig. Thank you all for offering up your family and your loved ones for our grand science experiment.

Our Share On Facebook: “After the FDA told us this #crap was safe to feed ourselves, our children, our families, they’ve now decided after a “thorough review” using “scientific evidence” releasing this OFFICIAL statement today: “…partially hydrogenated oils…are not generally recognized as safe for use in human food. Food manufacturers will have three years to remove PHOs from products.”

The FDA Press Release:

Veronica Childs started losing weight in January of 2014 after discovering and adapting the Low Carb High Fat diet to suit her tastes and budget. Within months she lost the dreaded "Freshman 50" and reached her weight loss goal. With a keen interest in healthy diets and nutrition, Veronica is now certified as a Nutritional Therapist. She continues to eat LCHF, has co-authored four books on the topic, and offers one-on-one consultations by appointment only.

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